TSS Mastering, a division of The Shelter Studios,  is a mastering studio dedicated to offering the very best to all clients. We love working with clients from all calibers. Audio and music are an important art and we know just how important it is for artists and bands. We thrive on getting the best results utilizing experience, analog and digital tools, and our love and passion for audio. Our main goal is to help you get your project to that next level. 

No matter where you are in the world, we can master your project! Let us help you make your project stand out and shine. 

We welcome all forms of music and audio! 

Mastering Engineer, Louie Gonzalez, began his mastering career out of necessity. As a recording/mixing engineer he worked on projects that had little-to-no budget left for mastering. He took it upon himself to provide the mastering services needed to take projects to the next level. As time went on he continued to record and mix at his own home studio. He eventually landed at The Shelter Studios as a Freelance Engineer to Studio Engineer and then to Studio Partner. It was under the guidance of Emmy Award Winning Engineer and Studio Partner, Cesar Mejia, that he began to take on more and more mastering projects for the studio. He eventually went on to become the go to mastering engineer for The Shelter Studios allowing the studio to be a one stop shop for all audio production needs.

What started out of necessity became an obsession that would allow Louie to take projects to amazing heights. He continues to strive for superior results without compromising the integrity of the music and audio using both analog and digital tools. He welcomes all genres of music as well as any audio projects that are in need of mastering.


We ensure that all your file are set for CD Mastering meeting the Red Book Specification. Every CD Mastering project will come with a DDP Image for you to send out to CD Duplication/Replication.

We master for all streaming services to ensure that your audio is going to sound great in all platforms. We provide MP3 High Quality Masters as well for other music sites. 

We ensure that your audio is ready for vinyl pressing by ensuring that the high and low frequencies will not cause any issues on playback. 
We get your files to the highest level possible without distortion.

We offer High Resolution Mastering at 44.1kHz 16 Bit (CD Quality) all the way up to 192 kHz 32 Bit. 


Take a listen to some before and after samples of our work.

  1. La Voz de Oro (Cuban) Sitara Son 1:00
  1. Roots (Punk/Hardcore) LIV. 1:13
  1. West Coast Crunk (Hip Hop) Wordsauce 1:24
  1. My H**s They Do Drugs (Rap) Young Mix 1:00
  1. Always Faithful (Pop/Worship) Ryan Fraysure 1:25
  1. Not Coming Home (Acoustic) Mike De La Rocha 1:20
  1. Se Acabo (Latin/Banda) Luis Billhey 1:06


Please select all that apply. This will allow for us to provide the best quote possible.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to mastering.

Here are the rates for our services that we offer on a per project basis: 

  • $40 per song for CD, Streaming Services and High Resolution mastering (single or album)
  • $55 for stem mastering, CD and High Resolution mastering (single or album)
  • $45 per song for Vinyl Mastering

***Please note that songs that are 5 minutes and under count as 1 whole song. If you have a song that is longer than 5 minutes then it will be charged as 2 songs and so on. Feel free reaching out if you have any questions regarding this.***

Each song comes with free revisions while the project is ongoing. If revisions are needed once the project has been finalized, there will be an additional charge. Each project comes with a DDP Image for CD as well as high resolution MP3 files. If you need files in different sample rates please ensure that we are notified at the beginning of the project. Turn around time is 48 hours from reception of files. Quicker turn around time is needed there will be an extra charge. Please ask for expedited turn around time pricing. 

The prices reflect mastering songs that are 5 minutes and under. If the project does not follow that specific format then prices may vary. 

Imagine this, you spend countless hours recording, mixing and editing your project. Once done you send it out to get distributed to masses via CD or via Streaming Services. Once released you take a listen and you notice that it does not compare to other music that is out there. What went wrong? The recording? The mix? The weather? Mastering is the last step in the audio production that is detrimental to your project. Mastering is the process of taking your mix and enhancing it using tools such as EQ, compression, limiting, stereo enhancement, and many others. In short, it takes your already amazing sounding tracks and make them that much more amazing!!

Before sending out the files for mastering, you will want to make sure that you do the following:

  • Submit the files in WAV or AIFF Format.
  • Keep the sample rate of your session. For example if your session was at 48kHz/24 Bit then you will want to send files at 48kHz/24 Bit. Do not convert down or up. We can take care of that for you.
  • If you have any processing in your master bus, please send us versions with the master bus processing and versions without. This will allow for us to ensure that we are hearing the mixes you have approved before mastering.
  • If you are utilizing a mixing engineer, please ensure that they leave enough headroom for us to work with. The loudest part of your song (peak level) should be around -3db to -5db (below 0 level). This should be enough for us to work with without squeezing the life out of your mixes.

You can submit your files to us using WeTransfer. This service works best as it shows you a progress bar when uploading the files and notifies you when we download the files.

A DDP Image is a file that is needed for CD Duplication. In this file you will find your audio in CD Resolution (44.1kHz/16 bit), CD Text, Song Titles, Fades, Gaps between songs, Song Sequence (Song Order), as well as other crucial data that is needed for CD Duplication. We can provide a DDP Image along with a DDP Player so that you can listen to the project through the ears of a listener.HOFA DDP Player Maker to create your DDP Image and for you to play it.

ISRC Codes are needed so that you can register your music and keep track of any purchased or royalties. We do not offer ISRC Codes so you will want to get these before we wrap up your project. If you need help with this we can provide you with sites to look into. 

For a more in details on how to prepare for mastering please download our Mastering Prep PDF


We have the luxury of working with some amazing artists but we also have the luxury of working with an amazing set of engineers. If you are ever in need of recording, mixing, production, or anything else studio related check out The Shelter Studios. They can help with all your studio needs.